CruiseMegaDeals Referal Program

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Your friends will thank you for introducing CruiseMegaDeals to them while you’re earning rewards with us! We reward you with a $25 credit for every new customer you referred to us.   This is how it works:



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Reward credits: How does it work?

Who Should I Recommend CruiseMegaDeals to? Recommend CruiseMegaDeals to everyone you know! Anyone can benefit from these awesome deals for their next holiday! The more you refer, the more credit you could earn. How can I recommend a friend to CruiseMegaDeals? There are many ways to recommend a friend to CruiseMegaDeals. You can find links on our website, on home page and every product pages, which you can use to send invitations to friends using Twitter, Facebook, Email or any other ways you connect with them.

* We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw credit when the recommendation function is being abused.

When do I get my reward credit?  When your friend creates an account with us and purchases a deal from CruiseMegaDeals for the first time, you will have a pending credit of $25. This credit will be available once your friend completed the cruise booked. How long is the credit valid for?  Your credit will expire in 24 months (two years). How can I spend my credit? You can use your credit on any of the deals on CruiseMegaDeals.